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Cover Art by Suzanne DeStaffany
  • My Thoughts
    When I heard that Steve Jobs had passed away, I felt so sad that we had lost such a dynamic, brilliant, creative mind. And then my thoughts went to a song that I had originally released in 2008 called Rapplistory. I feel that this song truly plays homage to Steve Jobs and all that he accomplished. There may never be anyone like him again. We will miss you Steve.
    Daphne Kalfon
  • Song Origins
    This song came out of my desire to write another piece of music based on something Apple. I had already written two different songs about Apple products, the Mac and the iPod, and this time wanted something more general, like something about the company itself. Then I thought about how interesting the history of Apple has been, so why not write about that? I really liked the idea so I then started to research Apple from their earliest beginnings, and found plenty of material. As I read and gathered information, I started formulating my lyrics. I quickly came to realize that if I sang all those lyrics, the song would be way too long, so rap it was!

    I hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please consider supporting my work by visiting the iTunes store where the song can be purchased.

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  • Lyrics


    Music and Lyrics by Daphne Kalfon ©2007
    Cover Art by Suzanne DeStaffany ©2012

    Once upon a time
    there came together two minds
    they were both called Steve
    and with their talents would achieve

    a real milestone
    in technology
    the first personal computer
    in our history

    it was 1976
    the price six hundred sixty-six
    they built two hundred in all
    but soon the first Apple would fall

    to make way for the next
    a new machine with more finesse
    but there was just one catch
    and that was how to get the cash

    M. Markkula
    he co-signed a loan
    thus was born Apple Computer
    and a third of it he owned

    once you get a mac
    there’s never going back
    it’s all you ever want to own
    puts your mind in the zone

    there were problems down the line
    it was a turbulent time
    there was unrest in the ranks
    and tribulation with the banks

    Apple was breaking down the door
    to make a comeback
    with somethin’ called the Mac

    they got a hold of Ridley Scott
    and bought a Superbowl spot
    it was a marketing smash
    innovative news splash
    and things really got cozy
    when they hooked up with Adobe
    was a perfect kind of match
    DTP would hatch

    Stevie got outta line
    things were gettin’ real crazy
    he was asked to resign

    from his own company
    how could that be
    but it really did happen
    and I hope no one’s laughin’

    he was feeling quite dejected
    from having been rejected
    but it soon turned out to be
    the thing that helped to set him free

    to buy Pixar
    and found the company NeXT
    he was doing what he loved
    and it was all for the best

    once you get a mac
    there’s never going back
    it’s all you ever want to own
    puts your mind in the zone

    and as the apple tree grew
    from the Apple number two
    came forth the Apple II c
    and then the Apple II g

    and the Mac pack
    was its own family
    with the Mac Plus, II, SE
    the Classic and the LC

    in 1991
    was a landmark product
    a new chapter had begun

    Apple was doin’ really well
    everybody feelin’ swell
    but they needed to upset
    the IBM PC threat

    so they came out with the Quadra
    the Centris and Performa
    but they didn’t do so well
    they lost a lot of clientele

    so in 1994
    they knocked at IBM’s door
    and came the Power Macintosh
    it was a beauty oh my gosh!

    and the Newton
    the first PDA
    it didn’t do so great
    but the idea was here to stay

    then in 1996
    they were in need of a fix
    so they brought the Steve back
    to get the Apple on track

    and bought his company NeXT
    it would become the new OS
    they made him CEO
    he was in charge of the show

    it was a real fine move
    it would help to prove
    that he had all it would take
    to reclaim the Apple stake

    once you get a mac
    there’s never going back
    it’s all you ever want to own
    puts your mind in the zone

    get the iMac
    it was a real mac attack
    the Mac was getting on track
    sophisticated comeback

    in came the iBook
    and the Power Mac G4
    everybody take a look
    how about the new AirPort

    two thousand one
    enter the Mac OS X
    what a beautiful thing
    well you can say that again

    behold the iPod, Powerbook
    the Power Mac G5
    it was clear for all to see
    Apple was very much alive

    they got their very own store
    they’d never had one before
    now they could get with the biz
    well you know how it is

    with the iTunes Store
    Apple is right at the fore
    of a new way to the music
    and the way we’re gonna use it

    and it’s growing by the day
    as a revolutionary way
    to get your movies and TV shows
    podcasts and videos

    lookin’ swell Macintels
    bootcamp and parallels
    pullin’ out the masses
    from the Microsoft molasses

    what’s on Apple TV?
    everything you wanna see
    that’s on your Mac or your PC
    now it’s on the big screen

    iWork, iLife
    everything to make it fun to
    digitize, harmonize
    capitalize and organize

    Apple’s done it again
    this pioneering product
    gets a ten out of ten

    it’s a household name
    things‘ll never be the same
    just one more thing to say
    Apple Inc. is here to stay!

    and if you want anymore you can sing it yourself

Rapplistory - Rapplistory - Single