Translated to swedish, then translated back, sentence by sentence keeping exact meanings to show what has changed (to find new rhymes):

Whenever I can want to plug in some gadget
it works right away
No problems, it usually just manages
Never a source of irritation
Everything is obvious
I get better productivity

I love my Mac
cause it's so obvious, so useable, so wonderful.
It is the only thing I want.

There is never a reason, to bother with security
trojan horses or spyware
They don't stand a chance, they don't get access priviliges
harmless like mosquitos
(note: swedish mosquitos never carry diseases)
I live calm and secure
with a safe, clean and beautiful


And all programs, can you always trust
exists for every need I have
To forums, chat and newsgroup should you go
There are people who gladly wants
give advice and help
They are like a big family


iPods, Macdraw, Appletalk, Powerbooks
iTunes, Quicktime, Final Cut, Appleworks
iMac, Tiger, Firewire, USB iMovie iChat and iDvd
(Note: many words pronounced in swedish, changing the last rhyme)

but the best program is
something that always comes along
that I pick as first priority
what made me enthusiastic
It's Garageband!


Sure it can be called love?
If you never loved a computer...
then you never had a Mac.
PC also raises feelings
strong feelings
but totally different feelings.
Imagine how square the world would have been
without Jobs
and all the others
so thanks everybody
over there on the other side of the sea.