My name is Ingemar Ragnemalm. I am a swedish Mac programmer and university teacher with music as a hobby.

I found out about Daphne Kalfon's "I love my Mac" song on a swedish Mac forum, where a person called "LillNisse" asked if someone would be interested to translate it. I listened to the song and thought it was a good song that would be fun to translate. I contacted Daphne, and she sent me the instrumentals. I think the result was pretty good.

About my own music:

I have written many songs, mosty in swedish. The musical style is "visa", music with emphasis on the text. Some would call it "singer/songwriter", if that is a style. My texts range from humor to political themes.

My most important inspirations, apart from all the people I share the underground scene with, are:
- Susanne Löwenhard, swedish/norwegian singer/songwriter, and my aunt. She was fairly famous in the 70's.
- Povel Ramel, swedish superstar and music legend, similar to Ray Stevens and at least as productive
- Stefan Demert, swedish singer/songwriter, probably the artist that I resemble the most
- Euskefeurat, swedish folk music band.
- Some americans: Ray Stevens, Tom Lehrer, Frank Zappa, Bob Dylan. I consider Tom Lehrer to be the greatest of them.

Apart from writing my own songs, I have also translated some foreign songs, most importantly a number of Tom Lehrer's songs. There were some poor translations recorded many years ago, but they were nowhere near the mathematical precision that a Lehrer song should have. I think I did them a bit better than the official version.

My websites: (Some old recordings are available for download here. And some old Mac games too!) (Family page) (Music forum) (Live underground music in Linköping, Sweden)

Here are very primitive home recordings of some my songs that you can download (but you should know swedish or they won't mean anything to you):

My songs are regularly played in a podcast, "Världens sämsta podcast", claimed to be the world's worst podcast. I am proud to contribute to that. :-) The song collection above was uploaded for use by that podcast.

Since I am not a member of the swedish composer association (Stim), you only have to ask me for permission to use my songs for free. (Otherwise I would not be allowed to do give such grants.) That means that my music is "podsafe". All I generally ask is that you let me know that you are using it.