Thanks for dropping by and visiting my website. There’s a lot of information and music here so take your time to browse and enjoy.

I have a rich and varied background in music, starting with studies in classical piano and theory (Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto diploma in Piano Performance) and continuing on with extensive studies in jazz, film scoring and orchestration.

I write music in a very wide variety of genres, from songs in the styles of rock, pop, jazz, Americana, spoken word, children’s, theatrical, holiday and jingles, to instrumental and orchestral music, film music, novelty, and other music which defies classification.

I have always considered myself first and foremost a composer and songwriter. In other words, I’m not a singer-songwriter, I’m not a performing songwriter, and I’m not with a band. With the help of today’s music studio technology, I’m able to compose music - whether it be songs or instrumental pieces for small or large groups of instruments - play the parts, arrange, orchestrate, produce and record vocals. For that last one however, as you will notice when you listen to some of my songs, I have had the good fortune of finding others to sing some of them : )

I tend to be more inspired to compose music if it is based on something outside of the musical realm, for example, on some kind of theme, concept, common expression or idea. For me, any of these things can result in a song, an instrumental piece, a jingle or a spoken word piece, for example.

As a songwriter, lyricist and composer, my goals are to have my music published - which thanks to the iTunes Music Stores is now possible, covered by bands and artists, incorporated into movies, TV shows and the like, and of course, and probably most importantly, to be hired to write music for any variety of projects - be it for artists or bands, commercial jingles, songs for motion pictures, theatrical productions or special events.

If you like what you hear, drop me a line, or invite others to have a listen.