Pop music is often regarded as the most mainstream form of popular music; it has been around at least since the 1950's and has been especially popular in the last three decades, owing to its commercial viability and success of its recording artists. The pop song's popularity can be explained by its "hook", be it a musical idea, vocals, lyrics or all of the above. Sometimes it is a derivative of the most mainstream-friendly form of another popular music genre but is toned down for accessibility, hence being referred to sometimes as a sub-genre. My music in this genre.
Although elements of rock music can be traced back to the rhythm and blues of the 1920's, rock and roll emerged as a defined musical style in the US in the 1950's. Early rock combined elements of blues, boogie woogie, jazz and R & B, and was also influenced by other elements such as folk, gospel and country and western. "Rocking" was a term first used by gospel singers in the American South but by the 40's the term, pretending to refer to dancing, was more of a reference to sex. Some historians date the first rock and roll record to the 40's to musicians like Fats Domino, and include in this list artists such as Louis Jordan, Jack Guthrie and Benny Carter. In any case, it is clear that rock emerged at a time when racial tensions in the US were coming to the surface, and that it combined elements of white and black music. It can be argued that 1955's "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & His Comets is the song that really set the rock boom in motion. It topped the US charts for several weeks and even became extremely popular in places like Australia and Germany. Main hit artists of that period included Billy Haley, Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis

It would be difficult for me to say in exactly which category some of the following artists fall, so I will just name them here, as they have had a strong influence on my music: Squeeze, Joe Jackson, Rush, Van Halen, Elton John, The Police, Split Enz, David Sylvian, Freur, The Ramones, ELP and Genesis and more recently Green Day and Shari Elf. Just to name a few! My music in this genre.
Jazz is a musical art form originally developed by African Americans from around the turn of the 20th century. It is characterized by blue notes, syncopation, swing, polyrhythms and improvisation. It has its roots in the cultural and musical expression of West Africa and in African American music traditions including the blues (the folk music of former African slaves in the US South and their descendants), and ragtime as well as European military band music and the instruments it used: brass, reeds and drums. Jazz gained international popularity by the 1920's and since then has had a profoundly pervasive influence on other music styles worldwide. My music in this genre.
Also called americana, it is a combination of popular musical forms developed in the southern US with roots in traditional folk music. It embraces several different genres such as bluegrass, Western, gospel, honky tonk, rockabilly and Appalachian, to name a few. Some trace the origins of modern country music to either Jimmie Rodgers or the Carter Family. Their songs were first captured at a recording session in Tennessee in 1927. My music in this genre.
Here you will find my music that can't easily be placed into any category that I've already used. It includes jingle style writing, children's, spoken word styles such as rap and theatrical, satirical and other oddities. I feel that these types of pieces of music are often the truest reflection of my own personality: quirky and amusing, yet sophisticated and unique. If you are an eclectic or adventurous sort of individual, this is the place for you. My music in this genre.