Launch of Podcast Pizza

Daphna has created a rich assemblage of podsafe music for podcasters! Check out the 3-minute montage for an exciting preview of the breadth of this one-of-a kind collection. Podcast Pizza

New song à la Disney

“Let Your Spirit Fly”, a never-heard-before two minute clip of my song is now on the website. The big question now is who will be finishing the song, Emily or a new vocalist on the horizon? And I’m also looking for a male vocalist to complete this touching duet. (hint hint)

New song for hardcore Apple fans

If you thought “I Love My Mac” was the definitive Mac anthem, wait ‘til you hear this one!

Interview with Brazilian Mac mag

Brazil’s only Mac magazine, Mac+, interviewed me. The interview revolved largely around the “I Love My Mac” phenomenon, as well as how I use my Mac to create music. While the interview will be published in Portuguese, I will provide the original material from the interview in English, with a link to the mag.

Voices discovered I

New vocal recordings are underway for several of my songs! This talented and distinctive vocalist truly sings from the soul and the results will be highly noteworthy. (no pun intended!)

CD sent to CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Music Corporation has received a CD containing my songs currently in the iTunes Music Stores. Let’s get some serious airplay!